Trump reduced the national debt from $ 34 billion while Obama had increased by $ 200 billion over the same period. Silence of the media…

Trump réduit la dette nationale de 34 milliards alors qu’Obama l’avait augmentée de 200 milliards sur la même période. Silence des médias…The media have turned a blind eye on the fact that Donald Trump has reduced the debt during his first month in power, he lamented in a tweet, while its predecessor had increased the debt of $ 200 billion over the same period.

« The media have not reported that, during my first month [of the mandate] the national debt was reduced by $ 12 billion compared to the increase of 200 billion dollars in the first month of Obama », wrote Donald Trump on his Twitter account.

The u.s. president added that he was optimistic about the future of the business climate in the United States and employment, and promised « significant tax reductions »
The figures presented by Donald Trump are those of the u.s. Treasury, according to which the 20 January, the day of the inauguration of the Trump, the u.s. debt stood at 19 947 billion dollars. On the 21st of February, a month later, the debt was $ 19 $ 935 billion dollars. In addition, between 22 and 23 February, the us debt was still owed $ 22 billion, additional.
In comparison, during the first months of the mandate of Barack Obama, the u.s. debt had increased from 10 626 10 838 billion, an increase of more than $ 200 billion, according to data from the u.s. Treasury.
According to the website who is tracking the us debt in real time, the debt grew by 9 000 billion dollars during the two terms of Barack Obama, which corresponds to a historic high.
The tweets of Donald Trump involved in the aftermath of a prediction from the Council on foreign relations that advance the following thing : « The policy of Trump, it will increase the budget deficit substantially. »
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump had promised to reduce the u.s. debt and the budget deficit. On 22 February, he referred to this question and promised that Washington would stop spending the taxpayers ‘ money ill-advisedly. « Our countries finances are in a very bad state, but we’re going to put things in order », he said.


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