Feminists have chose a palestinian terrorist for organizing the next anti-Trump

After the Women’s March on the 21st January last, the hearts of american feminists organize, on the occasion of the international Women’s Day, 8 march, a huge demonstration to protest against Donald Trump, their black beast.

…one of the leaders of the resistance movement and co-organizer of the next event, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, is an anti-semitic itself, and even worse : a woman who has been in prison for terrorism.

Of palestinian origin, she was sentenced in 1970 in Israel to have participated in two attacks, one of which, perpetrated in a supermarket led to the death of two students, Leon Kaner, 21, and Edward Jaffe, 22 years old, and wounded nine other people. The other attack was directed against the british consulate.

Sentenced to life in prison, she was released after 10 years in prison, in favor of a prisoner exchange. She lived for 4 years in Lebanon and then in Jordan, before emigrating to the USA, where she gained the american nationality in 2004, by concealing his past terrorist. It was, however, sentenced in 2014 for illegal obtaining of the nationality and fraud in the citizenship.

The question have you ever been accused, tried and convicted, the questionnaire of naturalization, to which she replied  » no « . She asserted that his false response was due to his post-traumatic stress disorder, due to abuse suffered during his detention in Israel…

Supported by islamo-leftists and muslims, it has succeeded, at least for now, to avoid prison and possible deportation.

Odeh continues to play the role of the Palestinian victim of « oppression » and  » political imprisonment « , as she was responsible for the deaths of two innocent students in israel. The soft feminist has never expressed the slightest remorse.

Set wide apart Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warden, found to be too warm ! The leftists have found a new heroine to the feminist extremist, violently anti-Trump.

Among the other organizers included Angela Davis, former leader of the communist party american, and a member of the Black Panthers and Tithi Vhattacharya, a militant maoist, who has several times praised maoism in an essay published by the socialist International, arguing that the maoists had returned and fighting is currently against all of the people on the right.

According to Workers ‘ s World, the progressive women in the u.s. have responded enthusiastically to the call.

« In a spirit of solidarity and internationalism, on march 8, the united states will be a day of action organized by and for women who have been marginalized and silenced by decades of neo-liberalism directed against women in the workplace, women of colour, indigenous women, women with disabilities, immigrant women, muslim women, lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals…

We organise the resistance, not only against Trump and his political misogynist, but also against decades of economic inequalities, violence, racial, sexual and imperialist wars abroad.

In other words, a potpourri of the favourite causes of the leftists.

The objective of the feminists and progressives this time is different : it is not a matter of protest  » peaceful « , but to the organization of a general strike, in order to promote a new wave of anti-militant feminist, and prejudice to the Administration Trump.

A state of mind unhealthy and violent, it encourages us to carry out destructive actions, and criminal. For those crazy, Donald Trump is the embodiment of evil. He must be impeached or assassinated.
In France, Florence Foresti, in good leftist be opposed to the death penalty, has desired the death of Donald Trump in « Tea or Coffee » (Rance 2)
Laurent Ruquier, a great humanist, also said : « It is still the only Donald where we would like it to be slaughtered due to bird flu, « and then » If he continues like this, the CIA should not be long to him to organize a small ride in a convertible in Dallas « , a reference to the JFK assassination.
Donald Trump is not crazy ladies, quite the contrary. It is very lucid, in spite of some awkwardness of language, and its mission is to protect the american people. He knows what is going on in Europe and does not want such a future for the USA.

Reproduction authorized with the following statement : © Rosaly for Dreuz.info.

Sources : « The terrorista che organizza la marcia delle donne contro Trump the newspaper » Il Giornale.it

« The Terrorist leader of the Women’s strike « . FrontPage Mag.



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