French human rights activist threatens to kill Le Pen by slitting her throat “Muslim style”

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Mehdi Meklat"24-year-old human rights activist and acclaimed blogger Mehdi Meklat threatened to kill right-wing French politician Marine Le Pen by slitting her throat “Muslim style.”

This comes after thousands of hate-filled tweets were published by him under the pseudonym ‘Marcelin Deschamps’.

Meklat claims that this was a fictional yet provocative ‘character’ who “does not reflect his personal beliefs, values and morals” according to Express.

In other tweets, the blogger praised Islamic terrorist Mohammed Merah, said he missed Osama Bin Laden, and wanted to rape former Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief, Charb (who was a victim of the 2015 attacks) with a “Laguiole knife”.

He cleared his Twitter and issued an apology. “I’m sorry if some of you were shocked by my tweets. They are obsolete… The words of my fictional character do not reflect my own personal thoughts and beliefs, quite the opposite. Via Marcelin Deschamps, a provocative character, I was trying to encourage critical thinking.”

Last Sunday, Marion Marechal Le Pen – Marine’s niece – tweeted out, “Praising Merah, threats, homophobia, hate and anti-Semitism. Why is the press protecting @mehdi_meklat?”

SOUND OFF in the comments: what do you think would happen if a right-wing blogger tweeted what Meklat said?

Photo: G.Garitan


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